September 23, 2013

2013 Labor Day Weekend Crafting

Like most other projects I see on Pinterest, most of them take a while to get around to. This particular project I have been wanting to do for OVER A YEAR...
So, Labor Day weekend Doodle and I finally tackled it!
Its so simple, you can direct a young lady how to do it, from the couch. While hung over. And trying not to puke. Hey, don't judge.
Take a LARGE oatmeal canister.
Clean it out.
Gather your supplies:
Elmer's glue
Small foam brush
Scrapbook paper
Paper trimmer

Aileen's Tacky Glue
Ribbons or embellishments of your choice

Follow these simple isntructions:
Measure the oatmeal canister
Cut paper according to size
Glue paper on to oatmeal canister
Once dry, apply a layer a glue OVER the paper
Once dry, take whatever embellishments you want (Doodle chose ribbon) and apply to top of canister.
Here is where the Aileen's tacky glue comes in. We put the tacky glue on the back of the brown polka dot ribbon and adhered it to the canister.
Then, Doodle chose the other ribbon she anted, all cut to the same size, and we tied it in a knot at the front of the canister.

You are done! Add headbands around the canister.
Then, put all your bobby pins, rubber bands, small barrette's and clips inside.

Makes for a great counter top or dresser top hair pretty storage!
Doodle and her friends, Miz Thang and PIA, also came over for a crafting session to decorate their composition books. Each needed at least 4 for the start of high school this year.
They wanted to decorate the cover of these books with paper.
So, I let them rummage through the scrap paper bucket first, then my regular scrap paper to see what they might want to use.
They all chose solid papers. I set them up with glue sticks, paper and paper trimmer, at the kitchen table, and walked away.
An hour or so later, these were Doodle's designs:

They had a great time making the books covers! Hope they last the whole year!

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