September 11, 2013

August '13 in review

It was a VERY busy August, for sure.
Here is how the month looked for me via pictures, and most of them are cell phone pics:
Doodle, PIA, myself, and host of other GREAT people participated in the Foam 5k. Here is our team name, and Doodle's t-shirt:

Foam 5k also included crawling through the mud:

And at last, we got to the foam!

However THIS was required to cover the boo-boo on my elbow. Thank you MM for hooking me up with an awesome pirate band aid!

Later that same day, I attended a wedding about an hour and a half from my house. Am I a glutton for punishment or what?

Bushwacker and I at the outdoor ceremony

The cupcake cake

The following weekend was a whirlwind for sure:
First up? Picking blackberries with Jgurl and Moxie

After filling a few containers worth, I froze most of them so I could make blackberry jam, however I did save a few for Dixie Dot's Baked Oatmeal recipe.
Which is the, just sayin!
That VERY same night, I drafted Jgurl in to fixing my hair. Finally got rid of the blond and went back to my normal color!

Moxie was on hand for moral support. I think it turned out great!

A few days later, since we were under a burn ban, our annual Hood Camping trip was cancelled. So, we improvised with a Staycation!

First day? Local pool with water slides! Look at all the hoodlings......... growing up too fast!
Lil C having fun at the pool.....
On our way home, we stumble across this advertisement. Priceless. Seriously? A funeral home and a kiddie ice cream social in one. Who does that?
As we do, in our crew, a forking took place. This time, we let the hoodlets help! Doodle, PIA, and Miz Thang along with CHB, myself and Moxie. Bushwacker donated the sign to the cause.
What forking is complete without the inflatable turkey?

Too many other photos of our staycation to share, needless to say we had a great time! We did cosmic bowling, visited the root beer store, went to Dick's Burgers, Deception Pass and I celebrated my birthday!

I was sitting in the living room one night, the house was empty except for me. I was relaxing watching my tv with a glass of wine. I see a movement out of the corner of my left eye, and I look over to see this thing crawling across my floor.
I jump on the couch (duh) and flip the main overhead light switch. I see this GINORMOUS monstrosity high tailing it towards my tv cabinet.
I grab my shoe, hit it, just enough to kill it but not smoosh it in to my carpet. And of course took a photo immediately.
This thing is DIS.CUS.TING.
And yeah, I don't scream like a girl. I kill those spiders, and look damn good doing it!

Had a candle party at my house, and of course made jello shots for all the ladies. Total made? 36. Total consumed that night? 25
Sadly, another wine glass (and my favorite one to boot) has bitten the dust.

Last weekend before the kiddos go back to school? Super Saturday Breakfast! The only thing missing was the potatoes, and then it would have been my Grandpa P's version of a Super Sunday Special! Homemade waffles, bacon, coffee and for the kids, hot chocolate!
After a L-O-N-G day, Moxie and I sat down to a glass of wine, and the last 2 jello shots.

Because CHB is awesome sauce, she got all the hoodlings and the parental units tickets to a free baseball game for the Single A farm team close by our house.

Off we went, on a gorgeous Saturday night. Rare picture of Miz Thang, PIA and Doodle all smiling!

Here is how I do a baseball game!

Nice touch, fireworks after the game, even though the home team lost.

There you have it! August all wrapped up! It was a VERY busy but great month!

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