February 18, 2013

This reminds me of that "Friends" episode.......

I am officially all moved in.

I am 95% unpacked.

I am figuring out where I want stuff to go, how to best organize my new kitchen, and generally making my new place "mine".

There was just a little thing I needed for my place.

A bed. For ME.

When I moved in with PB, I had to sacrifice my beautiful bedroom set. The one I knew I was taking with me when I got divorced.

My Ashley Shabby Chic bedroom set: complete with queen bed frame, 2 matching night stands, full dresser and TV armoire. I absolutely ADORED this set.

And then, in a moment of stupidity, I sold it to the highest bidder on Craigslist, so I wouldn't have to pay to store it. Insert ginormous crocodile tears here.

Now that I was out of PB's house, and back on my own, I was without a bed. My children had beds. I had all the OTHER furniture I needed. I no longer had that place to lay my head every night. I felt like I was a woman without a country....... you know what I mean? That inner peace you get when you crawl in to your bed at night, and all is where it is supposed to be? The quality sleep you get when you sleep in your sheets, with your pillow?

Yeah, I didn't have that. What I DID have was an air mattress, or my couch. SO not the same as a BED. But, in the spirit of moving, I had everything else I needed and at least I had a place to lay down that wasn't the FLOOR.

Don't get me wrong, my couch is SUPER comfy. And, the air mattress was fine. For a few nights. But what I really wanted, and really NEEDED was a bed. At this point, 2 weeks in to my new place, I was willing to take whatever I could get for damn near free.

On Saturday, while talking with one of the mom's from my girl scout troop, (BroncoGirl) she asked how everything was going with the move, and did I have everything I needed. I said yes, except for a bed and a dresser, I was doing just peachy. She looked at my kind of funny, and I explained I was sleeping on an air mattress or the couch.

BroncoGirl says...... "I have a bed for you and I can deliver it TODAY." I swear I almost fell over. If you know anything about me at all, I can ask for all the help in the world for my kids. Asking for help for myself? Damn near impossible. I am an incredibly independent woman, and it is PAINFUL to ask for help.

So, you can imagine how this offer of a bed was such a blessing. BroncoGirl and her daughter deliver the mattress and box spring, AND a dresser! We get the box spring and dresser up the stairs no problem. Last and final thing to go up is the mattress.

My stairs go up about 6 stairs, have 2 landings, and then turn to the right and go up another 4 stairs. So, here we are. Stuck halfway up with the mattress. JUST like that damn sofa in THIS episode:

We just stood there, holding up the mattress, laughing so hard, all of us remembering this episode of Friends and cackling like a bunch of old ladies..... I had to cross my legs because I thought for sure I was going to pee my pants!

We eventually got ourselves under control, and the mattress made it to my bedroom. All of us breathed a sigh of relief!

I am just overwhelmed by the generosity of the people in my life. I know I need to lay my pride aside and just ask, and I am working on that. But, it the best twist of fate, I am now the proud owner of a bed (complete with sheets and mattress cover) and a dresser.

THANK YOU my dear friends! I can never express the level of my gratitude, except to maybe say....... I slept like the dead last night. In a REAL bed. Because of you!

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