February 19, 2013

Cry me a river, or Whine, Bitch and Moan

A~N~D the single ladies lament begins. Since I have joined the ranks of all the other women out there who no longer have a relationship/partner/husband/whatever, I have compiled a few lists for your viewing pleasure.

Most annoying things I do right now:

I think about "him" more than I should
I watch romantic movies and cry like a bumbling idiot, even though I tell myself to change the channel
Think of what I should have done differently

Here is what I miss the most:

Being snuggled at night
Sharing my end of the day with my man
Regular sex
Miss my relationship, period
Feeling safe and secure when I fall asleep

Here is what I hate the most:

Waking up at every noise
Having to sleep with a baseball bat beside the bed
Silence (when the kids are gone it is deafening)
Having someone else cook dinner
Being a third wheel

Here is what my goals are:

Get up every day
Not feel sorry for myself
Do things that make me happy
Be a great mom

Here is how I am going to get there:

ANY questions? No. Good.

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