February 8, 2013

A change is a comin'........

Well, the "change" has already happened. No, its not menopause, and shame on you for thinking I am that old! If I LOOK that old, you better keep that opinion to yourself. Seriously.

Here it is in a nutshell: PB and I no longer a couple, and over the past weekend, the kids and I moved in to my new place.

So many things contributed to this happening, and NO, I'm not going to share it all with you. PB and I still care very much about each other, and are still really good friends.

This is SO not like a divorce, or a typical breakup where there is hate, shouting, trashing the other person, and revenge fueled words. It just is what it is.

Moving sucks, but I found the perfect place for the chitlins and I. In the space of 2 weeks I not only found a place, but I was packed and moved in. We are still in Mtown, close to both schools and my work. With the help of some AMAZING friends, I was able to get all moved, including my storage unit, in 2 loads and 5 hours!

I was all stealth like and changed my Facebook status at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday. Why? Because I don't want THOSE people commenting. Know who I'm talking about? The people that you are only friends with on Facebook? Not that they aren't great people. It's just that I don't want the sympathy or question filled responses to my "updated" relationship status. Even though they all mean well.

Those that need to know, already know.

Too much explaining would have to happen, and I'm not interested in that. Also, what always follows is how I SHOULD do this, and MUST do that. No thanks. I already have enough people telling me what to do. Just know this: If I want YOUR advice, I will ASK for it.

The kids and I are fine, and we seem to be settling in quite nicely. Once every little decoration is in place, and every item finds it's new home, I will post some pics.

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