August 24, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that..........

I have been seeing the same guy for just about 6 weeks now. It has been great so far, however I have been reluctant to post about it. Not wanting to jinx it and all that ya know? As with everyone that we meet, the peeps have given him a nickname; wait for it...... Pajama Boy. Nice right? Whatever works.......

I will say that I have never been treated so well by a guy in MY ENTIRE LIFE. (That's not saying much if you factor in my age, how long I was married, etc....) It is a completely novel concept to me that someone would just want to take care of everything, and I mean almost feel like I have my own personal genie, like the scene in Aladdin where the genie says "poof, what do ya need?"

A couple of weekends ago we took a road trip to Deception Pass. Located on be-a-utiful Whidbey Island, just a short drive from Mtown. It was too hot, 94 degrees to be exact, to be sitting around in the house. Grabbed some road snacks and settled back in to the air conditioned truck. Now for those of you who know me, I AM NOT A PASSENGER. I am always the driver. There are very few exceptions to this rule. CHB and Moxie can drive me around town but that is pretty much it. I will not ride with CHB's hubby (Bushwacker). He is WAY to aggressive behind the wheel!

Anyway, the deal was struck that I would let PB drive and I would let him know if I couldnt take anymore and then he would pull over and let me drive. Well, drum roll please?????? I made it the entire 90 minutes without having to ask to drive! Can you even stand it? I was a little excited, truth be told, to be able to actually take pictures as he drove. I NEVER get to do that because I'm always driving. Go figure? When we got out at the bridge at Deception Pass here are some of the great shots I took:

That is PB........ (and that's all you get for now!)

Not much room to walk on the path but the view is sooooooo worth it.
The weather was perfect. There was a nice breeze off the water and the sun reflecting off the water was so pretty.

We had taken the long way there, driving around and then taking the ferry back. As we headed south towards the ferry we passed some things that caught my eye:

The U-Pick farm outside Coupeville.
As we headed in to Oak Harbor, a Navy town, there was Old Glory flying proudly.
So, which kid gets to sleep in the front corner room? And what kind of deal did they have to make to get it? Or was it a birth order thing, and always went to the oldest sibling?
Seriously? Tee-pee's in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere.........
This particular place we stopped and I was flooded with memories. A good friend of mine has a cabin on the island and we spent most of the summer there every year all through high school. This store, which is about 10 miles or so from the cabin, is where we would go to get candy and supplies.......
It looks about the same from the outside. Opening the heavy wooden door to head inside was like stepping back in time. Good memories there.....

As we approached the ferry dock, this is the sign I saw:
And I thought to myself: just another example of the State trying to cover their ass while at the same time not wanting to be held accountable for anything. Why bother to put the sign there at all? Dont you think we can tell by the line up of cars in front of us that we are gonna have to wait a while?
We finally got on the boat, headed home. It is a short 20 minute ride across the water so I wasn't able to take that many pictures.........
As we pulled in to the dock, here was the last thing I captured:
We headed for PB's house from the ferry dock. All in all it was an excellent day. AND a huge milestone for me. I made it ALL the way there and ALL the way back without being reduced in to a anxiety- ridden mess on the floor board of his truck.

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Crazy Mom of 2! said...

Well I am beyond words excited for you and am so so so happy that you are finally treated the way you should be. You are an amazing person so you should be treated amazingly! :) I'm shocked to hear you let someone else drive! HUGE STEPS made by you Jo :)