August 30, 2010

Freshman Registration

This past Friday I took Lil C to the high school to get his asb card, pre-pay for the yearbook, take the yearbook photos, buy spirit wear and p.e. clothes and get the class schedule. Yes, you read that all correctly. Hi, my name is Banjo, and I am the proud? parent of a freshman in hish school........ don't mind the incredulous look you see on my face, or the sadness in my heart.

I know this is a huge rite of passage for him. As we were driving to the school I reminded him that he should be thankful I did not bring my camera with me. We got in line, with all the other freshman boys and girls, and several parents. We were 3rd from the cashier when my phone goes off. "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus plays loudly from my phone as CHB was calling me. I talk with her while we are waiting in line. When I hang up, I look over to Lil C, and he is ready to melt in to the floor boards. He says, and I quote "Mom, turn your phone off. Please. Turn it off ok?"

I look to the mom behind me in line and we both start to laugh. I told Lil C that I am not turning my phone off. Why should he be embarrased by me? I reminded him again that I COULD HAVE brought my camera and photo documented the entire process........ he rolled his eyes. I also told him that if he thought that was mortifying wait until the first day of school. I will pack his lunch and take him to his first class of the day and take pictures of him at his desk.

By this time, the mom of the kids in line behind us is laughing so hard, and both her son and Lil C look at us like we have completely lost our marbles. Lil C says to me, "But Mom, you will ruin my reputation!" Really? You are 14. What kind of rep do you have for a school you haven't even attended yet? I keep thinking to myself that I should just do it to spite him..... I also volunteered to chaperone a dance and to be classroom mom if he would prefer? I got the look of death......

I remember going with my mom for freshman orientation and I dont remember being embarrased quite so easily. I can only hope that as he matures that he realizes he can not be embarrased by me. He can only own what HE does, the mistakes HE makes and the actions HE takes.

I wish him very well in this new stage of his young life. I hope he makes the most of his high school years. If that is the ONE SINGLE regret I have for those 4 precious years: I would have been more involved.


Crazy Mom of 2! said...

I'm thinking it's a boy thing. Because my son who's 8 HATES the first day of school when I walk with him and try to kiss him and continue to take pictures the whole way! :) I can't even imagine what it'll be like when he's in highschool. I'll be the puddle on the floor! Wow our babies are growing up!

Saralee said...

I can hardly believe Colton is in "High School!" He's turning into a man right before our eyes!Where oh where has the time gone?