September 21, 2009

Weekend in Review

So, our weekend went a little like this:
We had tickets to Tony and Tina's Wedding. The whole gang was going: CHB, her mom, Moxie, myself, Jessica, Cornhustler, and some other friends and/or co-workers. CHB, Miss EM, Moxie, and I went last year and we had a great time, so of course we wanted to go again! But, this year, the morning of the play, CHB got sick and after visiting the doctor was not going to be able to make it. So sad...... we loaded up the minivan, not mine before you ask, and headed a few miles away to the Comcast Arena. Out for drinks afterward, rolling home about 2:00 am. Good times!
We thoroughly enjoyed the play and if you have the chance to go, you absolutely must! There are not just ladies there you know. Several men were in attendance with their wives/girlfriends and you could see they were having just as much fun. It is an interactive play (read more here)
Side note: Doodle had an overnight birthday party she was invited to, and because she woke up with the sniffles and a runny nose, she could not go. This made her pretty upset and she was in tears when I left.
The day dawned pretty cloudy, and when I rolled myself out of bed at 9:30, called CHB and wished her a happy bday, the first order of business was coffee and Advil. I had been the d.d. the night before, so it was not the alcohol my friends. It was the dancing! I am getting too old to dance the night away like that!
Lil C was to report to the baseball field 30 miles away by 3:00 pm for a double header. We got the email around 1:00pm that the games were cancelled due to rain. We headed to the hood so the kids could play outside for a little bit before the rain returned. This way Doodle could also play with her friends without infecting them AND quit bugging me about it!
We were in the hood for an hour before the downpour happened. We scooted home, watched a movie, ate some dinner and vegetated the rest of the evening.
Today Doodle had a soccer game. She was starting to feel a little better and was excited to go. We lounged around the house until noon, had a bite to eat and headed to the field. This particular field we were playing at usually resembles a pig's pen after a good rain but thankfully there was enough sunshine it dried out. The game was going well, and Doodle was in the perfect position to score a goal. The goalie was out of the box to the far left. Someone passed Doodle the ball and just as she is about to kick it in for the goal, the referee blows the whistle. Time is up. Game over. She missed her chance to get the goal!!! AAAAHHHH Well, anyway, the Bumblebeez won their game!
We went home, made an awesome dinner, watched another movie and got ready to face another week of school and work. All in all, a pretty tame and uneventful weekend for us!

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