September 14, 2009


Picture this: relaxing at some spa, wrapped in a fluffy terry cloth robe, your feet propped up and painted the perfect color, your favorite drink of choice next to you, your belly full of good eats, surrounded by your best gal pals and good tunes on the radio. This thought brought to you by: the mother who wanted to kill the boy child.
I got a call from the school on the 3rd day of school. Yep, you read that correctly. The 3rd day. Let's take a moment to hear what the teacher had to say: eating in class, (a definite no-no) goofing off at his desk, playing with a water bottle that was distracting. After the teacher took it away, he tried to sneak back up to her desk to take it back. Finally, it was all so disruptive that she had to send him out of the classroom.
Are you kidding me? Am I being punked? This is the 3rd day of school! What are we to do with him? Some of this crap happened last year and no amount of grounding, taking away the cell phone, TV, or Internet did any good. Well this year a solution was born. You are a snot at school, (notice here where I held my tongue. there are other words that would have fit just as nicely in this spot!) you don't get to play baseball. Guess who had to miss a game on Sunday?
Do not mess with the system kid. It will come back to bite you in the butt. Maybe this will "learn" you, or as a mother you can at least hope. Come on down Lil C, and take the walk of shame, because this post is for you!

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