January 12, 2016

Where in the heck did the rest of 2015 go?

If you could figure out how the last 3 months have managed to fly by so quickly that would be great. It seems like October through December ALWAYS zoom by so fast that I barely have caught my breath and then its January, and that time of year when you make stupid resolutions.

I made some "goals" for myself. No necessarily a resolution per se. Just things I would like to work on in 2016. So here goes.

Goal #1. I have decided........... to stop biting my tongue. Shocking, I know, since most of you think I dont know how to do this in the first place! But really! So MANY things I let slide, or grumble to my friends about, or stewed on privately. NO MORE. Most people seem to think I have little to no filter anyway, so I am going to live up to it. Why not?

Goal #2. Try to stop interrupting people when they are speaking. Or trying to guess what they are going to say. It annoys the people around me.

As I like to do, I have taken a moment to reflect on my favorite moments of 2015:

  • Taking my first trip to Vegas with NiceGuy and our first "real" vacation together

  • Doodle turns 16 AND gets her drivers license

  • Lil C moves out of my house

  • I move in with NiceGuy

And my least favorite moments of 2015:

  • Boy child stress
  • Having to move unexpectedly
  • Having my car broken in to

I also thought to myself...... why not make a monthly goal? Isn't that  much easier than a yearly one? And it seems like a much easier thing to accomplish then putting stress on me all year.

Monthly Goal for January 2016: PURGE! Get rid of crap that is not needed, organize and categorize what I truly need, and what needs to go. I am sure I can find a home for all my goods.......

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2016. Feel like sharing? I will pull up a chair, with a glass of wine, and listen. Tell me.

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