January 26, 2016

Scrap-a-palooza 2016

Two weeks ago it was my annual scrap book weekend retreat. I pack up all my scrappin' supplies, load up my car, grab the Jgurl and all her scrappin' loot, and drive a very full Exploder to the old convent about 75 minutes away. 

We get there on a Friday afternoon (about noon-ish) unload all our crap, change in to comfy clothes and get to work! 

Yeah right! While most of us actually DO get SOME scrap booking in while we are away from life for 3 days, there are a lot of shenanigans that go down. And that is my favorite part! This year was no exception! 

Missions completed:
TP of Miss Em's bedroom
TP of Ms Vicki's scrap desk
Funny notes left on doors
Eating too much junk (yes, that is two pats of butter on my plate. No judgement) 
Staying up too late (hence the hunched over my desk 15 min nap I took before lunch Sunday) 
Laughing so hard I tinkled
Jumping out to scare people from dark corners, or under tables

It really was a great weekend! Although there are two ladies who always seem to find SOMETHING bitchy to do to our back of the bus group, we manage to still have a good time. Even if that good time is plotting things we wish we could do to them (but we wont risk it for fear of being kicked out of the event every year). 

Ask ANY scrapper and you can either come up with a sticker, embellishment or cricut cartridge that is JUST the right thing for your page. This year? #Joangela outdid themselves....... we found the PERFECT representation of our two arch nemesis..... 

See if you can figure it out! 

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