December 18, 2014

Dress 'er Up!

I got a little crafty the other day.
I have had these laying around for almost an entire year:  
They were free. I stuck my arms down a wine barrel full of corks and dug for these beauties.
I have had this for 18 months. In THIS condition:
Got me this slim dresser for my bedroom at the second hand in town for $15.
I knew what I wanted to do with them both. So I finally sat my ass down and got to work.
I unscrewed all the old/junky/missing hardware from the dresser.
And then I nailed these champagne corks in from the backside.
I had the nails already, so thems was free too.
Not one single drawer matching the other.

Took me about an hour start to finish.
Champagne corks: FREE
Dresser: $15
Small nails: FREE
Total cost: $15
Total time: 1 hour
What do you think?
I happen to love it :)

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