December 18, 2014

Bah Humbug........ 2014 style

Yeah, its 7 days until Christmas, and my Holiday Crankiness is starting to rear its ugly little (or big...... ) head.
Being divorced with kids is one thing. Being divorced with kids that you have to SHARE during the holidays sucks. Big hairy balls.
Now, I realize I am about to sound like a whiny bitch, so if you don't want to read further, I totally understand.
Having to share the holiday time with the kids is painful. Like stick an ice cold dagger in to my still beating heart painful. It means EVERY year I get half the Christmas fun. Half the holiday time. I either get Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Not both. HeeHaw and I could in no way share a day. He is too greedy and I am too stubborn.
This means less time to watch stupid ABC Family Christmas specials, less time to just hang out in our pajamas and eat M&M's, possible duplication of visiting area houses all decorated with lights, or sitting on Santa's lap. Not being able to count on them coming to an annual event/Christmas party/ornament exchange because the other parent has them.
Having to put on a brave face when they leave to go to the other persons house. The chitlins probably not understanding why mommy dearest is so FIERCE about her traditions. Knowing EVERY. GOD. DAMNED. YEAR I have to miss HALF the good stuff.
Bitter about it? Nah. Not at all....... Ok, maybe a LITTLE. The years of their wanting (or having) to be with me for the holidays are rapidly falling through my fingers, and I don't have that many left. They are going to grow up, making their own choice about where they want to be. Get married, or have a significant other that will have to be added in to the mix. What if I ADD someone to the mix? Will they understand my crazy holiday feelings? Probably not. What if the FNG (fucking new guy) has just as weird of traditions as I do? O.M.G.
So you may be asking yourself how I get through the holidays? Alcohol. LOTS of alcohol. Its the ONLY solution to this problem. Well, besides staying in my pajamas and watching movies all day. Isn't that how everyone else handles it?

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