May 19, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

I had a double dose of Mother's Day this year. Mom and I live about 300 miles apart. So we met halfway between our houses for lunch on Saturday.
It was GREAT! Mom, Grandma, myself and Doodle. 4 generations of the women in my fam damily dining together!
We all showed up dressed in the same colors!
The older I get, the more I cherish my relationship with my mom. She is SERIOUSLY the classiest lady I know. Growing up, we did NOT see eye to eye (imagine that). I was a defiant, stubborn, moody teenager. I don't know how she didn't kill me.
Now that I have had children of my own, I am just thankful she doesn't give my cherubs ideas on how to misbehave, or make my life hell.
She gives the BEST advice. Hands down. She will listen to whatever you are talking about, and pull out these little nuggets of wisdom that you have failed to see, or have glossed over.
Mom and I spend more time talking and connecting then we ever have in the past and I. LOVE. IT.
4 generations!  
Momacita and Doodle

On Sunday, I hosted a high tea for Moxie and I. Doodle made some desserts and prepared the fruit tray.
Of course Moxie and I started off with mimosa's.
I got some great selfies with my chitlins.
Woke up to a sweet card from my peeps and a beautiful bunch of tulips. My favorite flower!
Lil C and I 
Doodle and I
All in all, a GREAT Mother's Day weekend!

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