May 21, 2014

Could have had a V8.

Relationships are tricky things yo. This is NOT new info to anyone.

Here is what IS new to me:

Since my last relationship, I have had a few people come to me, wanting to talk about him. No prob right? RIGHT. Except some of the revelations have been interesting, to say the least. 

Its like now that I am no longer with him, the peoples are not afraid to say how they REALLY felt about him. Which I get. And appreciate. But it is still surprising.

I have heard:
You were so disrespected
You were taken advantage of
You did too much for him
I never got a good vibe from him

Sometimes I think when in a relationship, its impossible to see the forest for the trees. Call it blinded by love/lust/attention, or whatever you want, but its easy to get wrapped up in the rush of feelings and let some things fall aside that shouldn't.
As every relationship ends, you learn something new. Your convictions, or lines in the sand, are made THAT much clearer to you. What you WILL and WONT accept gets clarified yet again. But when I realize that I fell back in to a similar rabbit hole as the last time? I realize I should have had a V8.
I can not be alone in this thinking. I MAY be alone in saying it OUT LOUD. That's ok. When you realize your V8 moment? Just know that this girl is here, and this girl will understands. Call me, we can trade stories and laugh at ourselves over a LARGE and in charge glass of wine.

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Cha Cha said...

Oh, honey. Yes. This.

I dated a guy that I wanted it to work out with sooooo much. So much, that I kind of refused to see how horrid he was. And after we broke up, and I licked my wounds for a few years? I basically dated and attempted to marry the exact same kind of guy.

And then I got fed up and significantly lowered my shit tolerance level. And then I found a great guy who was nothing like anyone I'd ever dated. And he's great.

But yeah. We could chat over a vat of wine.