January 7, 2013

Boy child: For Sale or Trade

Do you have a teenager at home? If not, want mine? Sale/Trade/OBO

I don't remember being this awful when I was a teenager, go figure. I am sure my mother felt the same way I feel now, maybe worse who knows?

The attitude, the constant arguing, the nasty looks, the horrible comments mumbled under his breath, the belief that he knows EVERYTHING and I know NOTHING.


The worst part? Duking it out with the kid, only to have him pretend an hour later nothing is wrong.

Reason with him you say? Uh huh........ that would imply that he UNDERSTANDS rational thought. Not applicable here. There are so many things that "you don't understand MOM". God forbid I bring up the fact that I am adult, I have been through this EXACT SAME conversation with my mom, and that because I am older, might have some valuable advice to offer. But what do I know? I am just an "old" mom.

Some days, its a wonder I don't duct tape his mouth shut, just so I don't have to listen to the nonstop tirade, since he isn't getting his way. Even better than having to listen to the endless diatribe is the whining, needling and heaping guilt if I don't stop what I am doing to take care of whatever he needs at the PRECISE moment he has asked for it,

Before you ask, and to go on public record, I was WAY worse to my mom. That fact does not have me thanking my lucky stars. I still want to tear my hair out on a daily basis.

So, sale or trade. At least until this attitude goes away. I definitely miss that sweet little boy. I would like to have him back until this mouthy teenager exits my house.

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