September 13, 2012

UBA Award #2

What a week.

There have been some issues between Lil C and HeeHaw, something which I can not share. Oh how I would like to....... but alas, I can't. Needless to say it has been an emotionally draining 7 days.

I thought it was time to bring back the U.B.A. Remember this?

Well, in the second installment, who else could the honor be bestowed upon? None other than HeeHaw himself! 

In all fairness, it must be shared as to why HeeHaw was honored. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that he deserves this award EVERY DAY, however in light of the recent events, in no particular order, here are the points that lead to the nomination: 
1.  For once again, believing that I only tell my children stories/lies/mis-interpreted facts to make myself look like a better parent in any given situation.

2. For bringing Doodle in on a conversation about what happened between HeeHaw and Lil C. A conversation she should have NEVER been a part of. A conversation that lead her to look at me, her mother, with utter disgust, contempt and disdain. Like if she could freeze me with a look, I would be encased in ice right now.
3. For twisting, morphing, re-creating said events inside his little head so completely that he comes out smelling of roses.

4. For wearing the "cap of Christianity" whenever it suits him. Sometimes, it's on all day. But most of the time? On in the morning but taken off so quickly it's like it was never there.

So HeeHaw! Come on down! Take your bow! 'Cause this U.B.A. Award is JUST for you! I have battened down the hatches, put my big girl panties on, and have proudly secured my poncho. Why you ask? For the shit storm that is heading my way!

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