September 20, 2012

Another Pinterest Story........

A couple of weeks ago, I was on Pinterest. That statement right there should tell you what's about to happen.

So, I got all excited, and decided to try a few more recipes to round out my dinner for the night. First up? These sliced baked potatoes.

I though, Wow, these look yummy and not too hard..........

I gathered all my ingredients, washed my taters, and set them out on the baking tray.

I sliced them, according to directions, had the oven preheated, and in they went.
Uh huh. NOT. I seemed to find the ONE link of Pinterest the accidentally had the WRONG cooking temperature. SO, needless to say my potatoes were NOT done on time, and I was very annoyed. So, I didn't take a picture.

Pinterest FAIL

Although, now that I have the "right" link saved, I will actually try this again. Thank goodness our filletes and green salad were good. We ended up putting the potatoes in the micro to soften and ate them that way. The flavor was awesome, just needed to cook longer.

Not to be a glutton for punishment, but I figured if I was going to try one Pinterest recipe for the side dish I ought to do one for the dessert too.

I found this. After I wiped the drool off my desk with the back of my hand, I quickly pinned it to my Dessert board and stopped by the store on my way home from work.

I laid out all my ingredients.......

I added white choco chips because we had some we needed to use up.........

Rolled them up, baked them, cooled them off and served them up. Don't they look delish?

Well, trust me, they WERE! I forgot to pinch the ends together, so we had a wee bit of overflow out the sides but it was all good.
Pinterest SUCCESS!

I actually made these again last week and STILL a big hit. Hint: make 2 batches. They go too fast with only 8 per package of Crescent Rolls.

Made anything good from Pinterest lately?

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Heidi Millerick said...

As I read this, still in my first week of no sugar, no gluten or starches (potatos)... I am literally crying at my desk. LOOKS SO GOOD!!! :)