September 4, 2012

Summer Water Fun

A few weeks ago, on a REALLY sunny day here in the Pacific NW, I decided to pack up the clan and we headed to a nice little spot called Deception Pass.

For those of you that live around here, you know it's beauty. For those of you that don't, you can check it out HERE.

None of these links do justice to the actual beauty, but you get the idea. (Thank you Google and Wikipedia!)

Getting my kids, PB and his kid out of the house is like herding pissed off cats. Seriously. Nobody is EVER ready to go at the same time. I end up doing most of the loading of gear to the car and the kids all kind of stand around. AWESOME.

We FINALLY leave, and we head out. Of course, since the sun is out here in Western WA, everyone and their clan is ALSO out at the beach. UGH. We find places to park, and haul all of our crap to the sand.

We collapse in to our chairs, and as we get slightly fried from the 80+ degrees outside, I grab some great picks of the kids.

 Big C
Lil C


 Moxie's Son

 Skipping rocks

 Trying to find the best one's....


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Rainbow Motel said...

I miss the beach in summer. Hell...I miss it period.