June 26, 2012

Oh, how the mighty have fallen

It finally happened.

I knew it would, sooner rather than later.

I have only been waiting for a year and a half.

And it was as good as I thought it would be.

What am I referring to?

Well ladies and germs, the fall of the HeeHaw facade.

Just typing that splits my face from ear to ear with a shit eating grin.

Over the weekend, HeeHaw got his hands on some Jaeger. It's not Jaeger-meister, it's the Jaeger-monster. The only alcohol he should NEVER have. And he wants crazy/nutso/psychotic (like usual).

Why is this news worthy? Because EVERYONE saw it.

No longer was it the "stories" I made up when he was drunk. Nor was it me just being "bitchy" and not allowing HeeHaw anywhere NEAR a bottle of Jaeger. Gone is having to regulate EVERY alcoholic beverage that came anywhere near HeeHaw at a party. No more fear of what asshole was going to bring the forbidden liquid in to our house, trying to sneak it past me, the wicked witch.

It became a comedy of errors towards the end of our marriage. These drunken episodes would happen just enough months apart to where I would just have "forgotten" about the previous episode. HeeHaw would swear I was making up the things he did when he was intoxicated. I started taking pictures of his insane behavior. Then he would ask me the next morning what happened. Then would tell me I was over reacting or making up what happened. And he would wonder why I was still mad from the night before: having to chase his idiot ass around, clean up after him, finally tuck him in to bed, all the while listening to his non stop chatter about how I was "ruining" his good time.

The best part of all of this? Other than no longer having to deal with it? It happened in front of sooooo many people that HeeHaw and I both know. I do wonder what LL thought of all of this........ The silver lining to this latest episode? Once again, HeeHaw himself has proven himself a hypocrite. He claims to be so high and mighty, talking religious circles, claiming he is such a good Christian, who is better than everyone else, when in reality he is no better than anyone else.

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lori said...

The worst thing MY hubby has done while drunk (& this has happened 2x) was try to kill a mosquito/fly with a knife on our walls. The soft walls of our boat/rv. So I'll keep him and he can drink, just not with sharp pointy objects.