June 15, 2012

Not Pregnant, Not Swollen, Most Definitely Crazy

So I went to the doctors office last week, as you know.

I checked in, paid my ridiculous co-pay (thanks to single plan coverage, just one more "perk" of being divorced) went to sit by CHB and PIA, who were seated down the row from me. PIA was in for allergy shots.....

We played some game on the iPod while waiting for my name to be called.

First things first: stepping on the scale. Ugh. Anyone else hating doing that? All the ladies ought to have their hands up right now.

I go through the symptoms, chit chat with the nurse, and finally see my doctor. He is a mild mannered man, soft spoken, very knowledgeable.

So? What the heck is wrong with me Dr? I am tired of feeling and looking prego at every waking moment.

The good doctor does his physical exam, consults his notes, and lets me know......... I have high blood pressure. THAT is what is causing my swelling, my severe bloating, and my discomfort.


So, 3 vials of blood, a urine sample and a consultation with a pharmacist later, I am out the door with a prescription for water pills, and a promise of a follow up appointment in 3 weeks.

If my blood pressure is not low enough then, I will have to be prescribed additional meds at that time. Awesome.

Benefits? Hell yes! My swelling is GONE, I no longer look pregnant, my stomach has dropped 3 inches already, and I have lost 5 pounds!

Now, if only the numbers on the blood pressure machine I got would start to go down.........

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