December 14, 2011

Doodle's Room Re-do........ well sort of

When my chitlins and I moved in with PB, Doodle took over the extra bedroom. Which many moons ago belonged to PB's son, Cdawg.

Cdawg had the choice before we moved in as to which bedroom he wanted. He chose, and he and Lil C share a room, and Doodle has her own.

Doodle and I have been talking about for months what she wanted to do with her room. She has a really cute bed set, in vibrant turquoise, lime green and white. She has all the matching pieces.

She wants to paint the room. Those very colors. Ouch, those are bright colors.......

We talked about painting in the spring, when we can leave the windows open and air out her room. So, in the meantime, she has been dealing with all the decorations that were on the wall from when she moved in. I didn't want to take anything down, decorate, and then yank it all back down to paint. Until.......... my mom was here and we were talking about this. She really put in to focus that Doodle probably didn't want to wait for her room to be done, but was too polite to say anything.

So I bit the bullet, and decided it was time to make Doodle's room fit for a girl. Thanksgiving weekend, while Doodle and Lil C were away, I got to work. I took down all the sports posters and prints, removed the skateboard hanging over the closet, and got to work.

Yes, these photos are from my phone and they were taken at night. My phone has crappy night quality photos too. BUT, I also knew there was going to be little to no chance I am going to take these photos with my camera anytime soon, so here ya go..........

I found these circles on clearance at Kohl's for $8, and they were the perfect colors for her room!

I added one of her many ribbon boards below that with a ton of photos of her.

I took a blank canvas, purchased on clearance for $6, spray painted it a color called Watermelon from Krylon ($4), and mounted two of my favorite photos of her on there, also added the "believe" decal she got at a birthday party, and the final touch was a scarf she knitted herself.

I mounted the photos in photo corners so she can change the photos whenever she wants to......

I added the tissue paper flowers, as well as the wall art above it. It spells out her name, and NO it's not crooked! I took the picture a little sideways.......

The little paper hanging was a gift a few years ago for Doodle's birthday. It came as a kit that she put together, using whatever combination of colors and stickers she wanted.

When she got home, PB and I told Doodle there had been a flood in her room, and that we had to move some stuff around and we hop that she isn't too disappointed with the mess..........

Well, she LOVED her room! I had also put her other ribbon boards, cork boards and other little frames on the wall around her room. I hung up the coordinated curtains as well, completing the transformation. She is now one happy camper and it was all worth it! Even if it means taking everything off the wall in the spring to paint, I will happily to do it. Cause her smile was worth all the effort!

Total transformation completed for $18. Not too shabby at all!

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