September 9, 2011

Cell phone-a-palooza

Ready? Go!

Since I have been absent from bloggy land for a little while, here is the extremely quick recap of the last few weeks. My cell phone has been busy taking pictures.

I have not been pulled over again, thank god! I did take the Wicket Witch license plate off my car, but still have not found the old one to put back on. Tail light is fixed too.

PB and I made a whirlwind trip to Leavenworth. Not a lot of photos. Too much smoke in the air. Controlled forest fires happening that weekend....... had fun though. Did put put with PB, who gave me some great pointers. Being I am not the most patient golfer out there, I still managed to have a good time. Wait, that might be the wine talking?

  We stopped at the candy shop before we left town......... I was not adventurous enough to try this hot sauce!
 See? We were in Leavenworth! Here we are at the river...... it was hot!

As soon as we got home from Leavenworth, we showered and headed out to the Gallagher concert! He was so funny and we had great seats! 4th row, hence the poncho wearing. No, we did not get hit with any flying fruit....... PB grew up listening to Gallagher and was very excited to see him live. I had a great time!

We have been to the music at the waterfront a few times. Here are some photos from that..........

Moxie and I

Love this picture of PB....... :)

And one of my favorites of PB and I...
Been a busy summer......

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