April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a weekend! Spent Friday with my Girl Scout troop at the senior center where they helped organize and execute a senior egg hunt! It was awesome and the girls had a great time!

Saturday was errand central and prep for brunch on Sunday. CHB in one of her more harebrained schemes told me I needed to make this bread for brunch:

So of course I said I was game........ BIG mistake! I like to make bread in the bread machine, not by hand, or so I confirmed Saturday!

Here are the dyed eggs to go in the bread ring (courtesy of CHB)

Here was the bread rising........ which takes forever by the way. Oh, what's that you say? You need to have patience? Hmmmmm

Here is the bread, all kneaded, braided and ready for the oven:

At 12:05 am the bread went in the oven. Sleep is overated right? The house smelled wonderful and at 12:53 am I pulled it out. Then I collapsed in to bed and Easter morning woke up early. Why I ask you? I was up before the kids......... went to check the bread and guess what? HARD as a rock! Are you freakin kidding me????? I was cursing CHB a blue streak by then.

The kids woke up and found what the Easter Bunny had left them:

Here is the sweet note left for the Eater Bunny, written by Doodle:

Everyone was dressed and headed out to CHB's parents house for brunch. I picked up PIA and HOW as CHB and hubby were sick, so they did not go. So sad.......
When we got the Lil C helped Dave with the grilling of the asparagus:

The men hid the eggs and we released the latch on the door and let them run! It was so great...... here are some of the best pics!

And, drum roll please.............. here is the @#&%! braided bread ring:

Grandma Betty's idea was to schlack it and use it as a center piece for next year!


Amber said...

Your Easter looks like a lot of fun! At least the bread ring looked pretty, right!

Amber said...
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