April 26, 2010

Updates from Banjo

What has NOT been happening here? I know you all been on pins and needles awaiting the latest updates on my life....... well here goes:

I have taken a temporary Census job and I am super excited about it! I get to be an Enumerator: which means going out to people's homes that did not fill out the Census form mailed to them and ask them questions. I took an oath of office and everything! I felt this wave of patriotism as I took my oath..... I can't even describe it.

Doodle and Lil C start soccer games this week. There is a game every day Monday through Thursday. Seriously. I am excited to see them play; it is just a lot at once. Lil C is very jazzed to be playing soccer instead of baseball this year and I am excited because he is. It has been about 4 years since he played soccer and he picked it right back up again.

The kids and I went to PIA's flag football game over the weekend and I have to say: LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch PIA play! She is the only girl on her team and she means business!

Look at these cute kids:

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