September 4, 2015

Back to scool shopping...... 2015 style

Weekend before last Doodle and I ventured out to get her some new duds for school. Doodle mapped out the stores she wanted to go to, in what order, and what she was looking for to complete this falls wardrobe.

Her first stop on the list? Forever 21. Lord help me, I love to hate this store! There is an outlet mall by our house, so we went to that instead of driving 20 minutes to the mall. I gave myself a mental pep talk, strapped on my big girl panties and marched in to the store. I was there 5 minutes and I was ready to leave.

First: I am not sure what marketing ploys Forever 21 is trying on their customers, but I don't like it. Not one bit. Most stores will have items grouped together, with multiple size offerings of said item. Not F21! They may have a rack with all black clothing on it, but do you think even 2 of those items are the same thing? Uhm, no! The size medium or large is on the OTHER SIDE of the store, making you wade through the other racks, in hopes that you will buy something else. Not to mention having to pass the idiotic tweeny boppers who are shopping in a group of 5, or with their mom's who are trying hard to keep up with hopping from rack to rack. Or giving up completely like I did. Standing in the middle of the store waiting for my kid.  

Second: While assisting Doodle in the dressing room, (by standing outside the door trying not to roll my eyes at what I was seeing come out of the OTHER dressing rooms)  I see this happen next to me:

Tweenybopper (TB): (comes out of dressing room to address mom) "I don't know, are these shorts too tight?"
Mom of said tweeny bopper (TBM): "No! They look great! Here, try this tank top with them" (said tank top was put on was as tight as the shorts)
TB: "I don't like that color. Do they have it in (fill in the blank as I didn't hear that part)
TBM: "Let me go see what else I can find....."

Here's what fascinated me by this whole convo: the TB's shorts? Were EATING her ass crack! And the TBM? Not only saw that, was telling her how great they looked AND was trying to find something to go with said shorts. And while TBM toddled off in her fancy pants capris and low cut top, trying TOO hard to look like her teenager, I thought to myself: Another generation of hookers is born.

I am not a prude by any means, and showing a little décolletage or curves is ok. But for shits sake, its our job as parents to make sure our DAUGHTERS are dressed appropriately! I don't care what's in fashion, you can always find something that you can dress your girl in that does not make her look like she is ready to take to the streets. End rant.

Third: I have officially reached the age, according to my kids, that I am not so cool anymore. I held up several things for Doodle to try on, and got a no and/or a laugh, eye-roll, head shake. Since when did I become so out of the loop? It's not like I wear elastic waist pants and a kitty sweatshirt. Yet.

Thankfully the day ended with MOST of the things on Doodles list being purchased. It was a loooong day. I was ready for a large and in charge glass of wine!

We are still on the hunt for two more items, but they have to be JUST right, so who knows when that will happen. I am just glad I only had ONE girl to shop for. I don't know how people with 2 girls or more do it.

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