June 2, 2015

Lines have crossed, and barriers have been thrown out the window!

With what took place on Saturday, I may need to turn in my Coochie Card. I will let you be the judge.

NiceGuy and I have been together a little over a year. As most women know, you take great pains to look your best the first time you meet someone (I assume men do too?)
As time marches on, some of the things you do in your beauty routine fall by the wayside. I am not talking about the girls who get up early on the first couple of "sleepovers" to fix their hair and make-up, and you girls KNOW who you are. I am talking about wearing sweatpants and your favorite holy t-shirt in front of them, or no make-up, or not shaving your legs.

I am not super high maintenance to begin with, but I CAN tell you some of the polish and shine has worn off. Not that there was too much to begin with, as I consider myself low maintenance in the beauty department. It takes me less than 30 minutes to get ready for work. Shower, dress, hair, make up.

But back to my point. This past weekend NiceGuy and I headed out for a hike. As we FINALLY reach the top, we sit down on a rock in the sun to rest, hydrate and eat. I am sweating from head to toe. As I scratch the side of my cheek, I feel that one PESKY hair.

As you know, women reach a CERTAIN age where Nanny Goat hairs pop up. For most of us, those little gems pop up on our chins, and usually when we are out in public in the light of day for EVERYONE else to see. Like it's shouting "Look at me! I am right here! Helloooooo?"

Well, lucky me (this is going to come back to haunt me I just know it) my Nanny Goat hair comes in on the side of my cheek in those fine hairs in front of my ear. So, while it is NOT as noticeable, unless I point it out to you, this also means it is HARD to see. I can feel the little fucker, but I cant always grab it with my trusty tweezers.

So, in what I can only describe as a moment of "I dont fucking care anymore", I asked NiceGuy to pull it out for me. Gasp! Right? I have NEVER asked a member of the opposite sex to help me with ANYTHING beauty related.
Scratch a spot on my back I cant reach? Yes, please help me! Massage a sore spot, sure! But pull my Nanny Goat hair? That's it. Any pretense of barriers is gone. So I ask you this: do I need to have my Coochie Card pulled? Or am I over-reacting? I know NiceGuy is probably not as excited (read HORRIFIED) as I am to relive this story! 

I will wait, dear readers, while you decide my fate, marveling in my ability to over share with the internet.
You're welcome.

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