March 12, 2015

Oh Fifty.......

If you haven't seen the movie, you may want to stop reading about NOW.

The ladies and I went to go see the movie a few weekends ago. Out of the 5 that went, 4 had read the first book, 3 had read all three books, and 1 had read 1/2 of the first book.
We decided we needed a cocktail before the movie...... so we went across the street to the mexican restaurant and had an appetizer and drinks.

Perfect Margarita.

My Blue Hawaiian and Moxie's Perfect Margarita.
We had purchased our tickets about 4 days in advance, just so we could be guaranteed a seat.

We got our popcorn, drinks and napkins and settled in to our seats. Of course we had to take pictures...... (All of us with rosy cheeks thanks to the pre movie drinks)
Moxie, Nappy Tabs and Jgurl

Moxie and Lara

Moxie and I
All ages came out...... did you see the two little old ladies sitting in the back row of the first picture?
We saw one or two guys in the theater. Totally out numbered lol!
Ok, now down to the nitty gritty:
I have read the first book 3 times. The first time I read through I went so fast that when I discussed it later with Lara, I knew I had missed some stuff, so I went back and read it again.
I struggled with some of the scenes, especially the "spanking" with the belt. I have not been in, nor do I desire to be in, a BDSM relationship. There is a certain level of control that you have to give up, and if you know me, that is NEVER going to happen!
But back to the spanking. When I read the book, I was angry. Like heart beating fast, palm sweaty, brow furrowed ANGRY. Too me? That has NOTHING to do with BDSM and EVERYTHING to do with the fucked up character that E.L. James made in Christian Grey.
So when I saw THAT scene in the movie? My heart pounded just as hard. I was just as mad. And again made me feel like if Christian Grey was a real person? I would beat the ever loving shit out of him. How anyone can derive that much pleasure out of causing someone else that level of pain I do NOT understand.  
I have seen a LOT of blog posts, Facebook discussions and just general conversation about this movie, and about the books. Most of the time? Its from people who have never read the books. Which is a COMPLETE irritant. The movie does NOT do the book justice in a lot of ways.
There are the people who ASSUME they know what it is about, or if they have read it, they draw these weird ass conclusions. Here is what it REALLY is: FICTION. Like it, love it, take it or leave it. E.L. James knew a way to get in to your mind, and she has made a fortune doing it.
Most everyone will tell you, if you are actually willing to listen: This book does NOT depict a true BDSM relationship. There is NOT this manipulation, or control, or pain. Again, the book is fiction.
When I heard that the author played a large roll in writing the screenplay and adapting the book to the movie, I was really excited. And then I sat down in the theatre. And I was let down. The banter that happens back and forth between Ana and Christian via email was not as prevalent. The inner voice of Ana was also missing, and I think that was a big miss on both E.L.James and the producers part.
Most of the sex scenes, or Red Room scenes were pretty good. Although most of us were disappointed with the Red Room jeans........ they were too dark and WAY too loose.
No matter what, you can bet that I am in line to see the next two. Along with all my friends.  

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