September 15, 2014

August 2014 in review

I figured I would give you guys a break from all the London posts and share some of the other exciting things that have been happening in my life.
August was a VERY busy month for me! Since I was gone for a while in July it feels like I am trying to squeeze in 2 months of summer in to once month.
Aug 1:
Hanging out at Tha Hut on Tha Upswing of Tha Hill, otherwise known as Jgurl's back patio.
Aug 3:
Couch potato/Movie day for Doodle and I

Aug 8:
 A HUGE moment for me. NiceGuy has one of these:
Image courtesy of HERE

And I got on the back of it. And rode around. Which may seem like a small thing to most of you, but its a BIG fucking deal yo. I am nervous passenger in a car, how did I ever think I was going to be able to conquer THIS?

Surprise, surprise it went better than even I expected. NiceGuy had us circling the parking lot for a while, then just around the block, all to acclimate me to the bike. We have been on some short rides (an hour or less) and except for roundabouts, I enjoy being on the back of the bike! It feels so different, and I get to SEE so much more.

Aug 9:
VIP tickets to the Bruno Mars concert at The Gorge. Uhm, it was fucking AWESOME! Great road trip with some SUPER great girls!
Aug 10:
Woke up from the concert with THE PLAGUE. So this is where my toothbrush sat all week, soaking in Listerine. Oh, and I gave all my super awesome road trip friends (who went to the concert with me?) the plague as well. Which they thanked me for. Uhm, yeah.

Aug 13:
Sweet treat for NiceGuy for his bday (along with some other goodies)
Aug 17:
Awesome new bauble from NiceGuy for MY bday

Aug 17:
Headed out for 5 days of Spicy Camping 2014
With the exception of HOW's little friend, we have been camping with these girls for almost 10 years..........

Our dish system (which rocks!)

All the hood kids........ so good to see them all hanging out together again and just having fun!

Aug 23:
NiceGuy and I hiked the Ice Caves and then rewarded ourselves with a glass of wine.

Had to try it with a name like this......
Aug 24:
Berry picking with Michelle, Moxie and Jgurl
Which resulted in jam making. 14 small jars and 3 large ones.
Aug 30:
Went for another hike with NiceGuy. This time to Lake 22. Which is not that far, about 2.7 miles to the top, but all uphill and some serious rock path switchbacks. My calves hurt for 3 days

Aug 31:
Woke up to my front porch that had been "forked". I have the best friends EVAH!
Another adventure for NiceGuy and I: this time to the State Fair. Where I decided to get on the Ferris Wheel. Did I mention I am AFRAID of heights? Lets just say that once we got to the top..... I didnt look down. Covered my eyes.
Also, had my first ever Purple Cow! Those are freaking GOOD!

It was a GREAT month, filled with ALL kinds of new adventures. 

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