June 5, 2014

Vocabulary again?????

Yes friends. Vocabulary time again.

I will not even begin to bore you with the details of how this came about, and the who and the why. Here is the important info:  I was called A. LIAR. To MY face. In a room FULL of people.

What's a girl to do in this situation? Why, turn to good old Google to help educate myself on the true meaning of the word.

Our friends at dictionary.com say:


[lahy-er] Show IPA
a person who tells lies.
 The freedictionary.com says:
1. a person who has lied or lies repeatedly
Now that I knew EXACTLY what the word LIAR meant, I could process how I felt about being called one.  
Let me tell you what: I didn't like it. NOT.ONE.SINGLE.BIT. It left a bitter taste in my mouth. You can call me A LOT of things:


Go ahead! You know you want to! And I am FINE with all of those names. Seriously! But LIAR? I am NOT ok with that.

I know words are VERY powerful. I also know I am as guilty as the next person in having used them to hurt someone else. But I'm not thinking about how the other person feels when I am using nasty words, now am I?

This one hurt almost as much as the THIS DAY. Remember that? I know that the person who called me this name may not fully understand how it made me feel. And I can see that. Doesn't mean it hurt any less, or that I will forget anytime soon.

Out of ALL the labels I put around my neck, whether the ones I give myself or the ones given to me by others, THIS LABEL has never been there.

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