February 20, 2014

What do you see?

You are standing in front of the biggest mirror in your house. Staring at yourself. YES, just staring at yourself. Give it a minute. Its hard to maintain eye contact right?
Now, what do you SEE? Look past the need for the eyebrows to be waxed, the wrinkles (most likely imaginary anyway) and the teeth you wish where Crest worthy white.
What does everyone else see when they look at YOU? Hard question to answer right?
Of course we want to paint ourselves in the BEST possible way. We are the greatest friend, the best listener, the one person people can call to get stuff done.
But what if that is NOT the case? How do you REALLY know? Because who really has the balls to tell you that YOU SUCK at something? Or that you should CHANGE something about yourself. No matter WHAT that something might be, would you WANT to change it? 
And, if you were so inclined, what WOULD you change? How do you want to be seen/perceived? What is the ONE thing that you want everyone to say about you? As if narrowing this down to one thing is easy....... right?
I recently looked in the mirror. And I chose what was most important to me. And I will work to change that ONE quality. And that is WAY easier said than done. Cause I have been stuck this way a LONG ass time. This is going to require a LARGE glass of wine........ or the whole bottle.

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