February 26, 2014

Father Daughter Dance 2014

Its that time of year again!
Doodle and her father were once again going to the Father Daughter Dance that Mtown puts on every year.
A couple of weeks before the dance, the tickets were acquired, the dress, shoes and accessories were purchased and all that had to be done was wait for the the day to roll around. 
Doodle and I hit the road for a day of beauty.
First up?
Eyebrow wax. Ouchie!
Nails of course!
Here is the before:  
And the finished product!  
Manicure with the shellac treatment and a cute flower detail.
Grabbed a sand which at Subway, then went home to finish getting ready.
Once she was all showered and lotion-ed up, it was time to start the hair. Oi.
The hair took us an hour and 15 minutes....... I burned my own fingers twice.
Burned Doodle's ear once and ruined the polish on my left hand from the heat of the Wand.
BUT, it turned out great!
Just as we finished the hair, Moxie and her daughter came over so Miss Thang could do Doodle's makeup.

We were in such a rush to get it all done before HeeHaw was picking Doodle up for dinner that I didn't have time to snap an "all done" photos.
Miss Thang did a GREAT job making my Doodle look SO much older........
So I had Doodle take one at the restaurant she and HeeHaw went to.  

After dinner, Lil C and I met Doodle and HeeHaw at the local casino hotel lobby. Which is VERY opulent. We were taking the "before" dance photos as is customary.
Here is one of Doodle before her friend arrived. 

And one of the nails and the ring she got just to go with her dress.
And here she is........ all grown up!
Doodle and her friend Savannah 
Doodle and HeeHaw
After all of the "dancers" left, Lil C and I headed to dinner together for some mother/son time. It was nice!
As soon as the dance was over, and Doodle was dropped off at home, she told me the exciting news! She had a great time at the dance and she won Princess of the Night! She got a tiara and a beautiful bouquet of flowers!
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