August 27, 2013

Tsk.Tsk. Tsk.

Oh Miley... where do I even begin?

A few weeks ago, as I was at CHB's house, her hubby puts on the Top 20 countdown. Miley's new video is on there. All the kids, Doodle, PIA, HOW, asked me if I had seen the video for "we Can't Stop" and I told them this would be my first time.
Boy, oh boy, was I in for a shock. This is what was running through my head as I watched the video, jaw on the floor.
What the hell happened to Miley?
Do I have to keep seeing her tongue?
Camel toe anyone?
Does she even know how to twerk? CHB and I can do a better job!
Whats with the weird dancing bears?
Does everyone else feel high when they watch this video? Like I did? WITHOUT taking a hit?


Now, I get that little 'ole Miley has grown up. And she wants to shed the "Hannah Montana" Disney bubble gum pop image she had.
But this girl?

This is the "grown up" Miley. Post Hannah Montana.
This girl? Is out of her gourd.
I have to say the bears just creep me out. Especially after hearing Lil C tell me what the song was really talking about. Getting high. On "Molly". Awesome.
Now our little Disney star has turned in to yet another example of a teenage girl with too much fame, money and bad influence on her hands. Ala Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan.
I was going to blow off the video. And then the VMA's came on. As soon as I saw Miley walk out on stage, I knew this was going to be a train wreck. With her little girl pigtails and slutty outfit..... cause you saw the gray suit was just a cover up and something worse was headed your way.
Robin Thicke SHOULD be embarrased to have been a part of this.
These photos need no explanation. I had recorded the awards show and CHOSE to fast forward through the awkwardness that was her performance.
I would rather see this:
Than this.
I am all for Miley testing the boundaries. I am a proponent of self expression. I just think she has gone over the top. I am not a Miley hater. I think I have lost tolerance for her stupidity in the last year. Does she not realize that the ENTIRE world is watching her? And all she does is come across as white trash?
Comparison? Bruno Mars sang a song about getting down and dirty with his lover at the VMA's the same night that Miley sang her song. Hear anyone complaining about HIS stage act?

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