August 13, 2013

July 2013

I have been neglecting you, my dear readers. It feels like the last 5 weeks have gone by so fast that I barely sat down at all.
My phone was busy, snapping photos, tagging my location on Facebook, sharing pics on Instagram. Here is the long and the short of what my July looked like, through the eyes of my iPhone.
All the making for our Spanish Sangria.

Of course I saved all the corks!
MM and I headed down to Portland Oregon for a quick trip to see some of his friends, and to see my mom and Grandma.
Once we got there, we visited two different Lego stores. It was a first for me. After rooting around through the bin of misc pieces, I made these two mini fig's.
The homie and the pirate!

Not the best picture of me, but I had to take the photo opportunity with the girlie Lego figure!
We met MM's friends in an old hotel turned bar/pub/wine cellar in McMinville. The building was 100+ years old. We enjoyed food, drinks and lots of laughs!
On 7-11, my sweet Lil C went and got me a free Slurpee and brought it to me at work!
Doodle, PIA and a couple of other girls from the scout trip were day camp counselors. So, on my night to pick the girls up, we went for FroYo on the way home. Doesn't that look delicious?

This was a super cool moment! A friend of my mom's that I knew when I was younger, and his wife, were up in my neck of the woods. It worked out that we were able to meet for coffee and catch up on life. Haven't seen this guy since I was 8 years old....... Such a great visit!
The second to last weekend before MM left, more on that later, we went and played tourist in our own town. MM took me to some places I had never been, and we dragged MM's friend as well, who is from out of town.

First stop? Memorial grave of Jimmy Hendrix, and Bruce and Brandon Lee.
Next stop? Pike Place Market! We saw a huge fish be thrown, sat on the brass pig, stopped to appreciate the murals painted on the side of the building.

Of COURSE we had to visit the infamous gum wall, and contribute our piece on the wall.
We then went to Kerry Park. It seriously has the best view of the Seattle skyline, and I had never been there before!

Cool art at Kerry Park.

Isn't this a GREAT view? Man I live in a beautiful place!
With an out of townee amongst us, we had to head to a few other Seattle institutions:
The Fremont Troll
Archie McPhee's
 The only place in town where you can find an Underwear hand glove!
It was an awesome and fun day!
 I have been cleaning and organizing this month. First up? My garage. This is what it looked like in the middle. You know you have to make a BIGGER mess just to get an idea of what you have to work with. Ugh.
It is done now, and no, there is no picture!
Went to Red Robin with Lil C, Doodle and MM one last time, and to partially celebrate Lil C's birthday. He is now 17. This is why I ordered a spicy beverage. This ginger beer concoction? Freaking awesome sauce!

MM and I, Jgurl and her hubby went to a local restaurant for dinner and watch a belly dancing show. It was really fun!
Whew! That was my July. I am exhausted just typing this all out for you. What a whirlwind month!

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