May 15, 2013

Hell hath NO FURY like a woman scorned....

Its as old as time.
There have been songs written about it.
Movies made out of it.
TV shows where it a reoccurring theme.
Real life court room drama because of it.
Reject a woman, for whatever reason, and she will make your life HELL until SHE moves on. The man could cheat, pick someone else over you, or never give you the time of day. Doesn't matter.
All the woman will hear is that she is NOT good enough, NOT pretty enough, NOT smart enough, NOT ______ enough (fill in the blank).
Now, we have all dealt with rejection in our life at some point. Some of us, better than others.
I have recently seen what a woman scorned will do to irritate, manipulate, and mis-handle the situation and it is aggravating, funny, but aggravating to say the least.
Bitch please. If the man doesn't want you, MOVE the fuck on. Why on earth would you want to be with someone who didn't want to be with you?
Instead of cyber stalking him, or his new girl, let it go.
I swear I picture the "crazy one" like this:
Hiding behind a clump of bushes, or behind a car, evil grin plastered across her face, plotting her next "genius" move.
Every time she pops up, and I hear her latest rant, I laugh. It is so obvious to everyone else BUT HER that she needs to move on.
Someday she will look back at this and be embarrassed by her actions.
Spill it readers. What have you seen/heard/witnessed/experienced a scorned woman do? 
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xxamberxxx said...

Oh Jo... as you know I have seen my share of my very own crazy one! I have no advice for you...I would say run for the hills.... but I clearly cannot follow that advice. And completely understand not wanting to. So as I head out to serve restraining order papers to my crazy one.. .I long and prosper. And may the force be with you. Xoxox-Amber

dancing.bear123 said...

Well....I was once known to have sat with a wine encyclopedia to learn about the history and price of every bottle of wine once left behind in my apartment. Possession is 9/10 of the law and I enjoy reading a nook with not just a glass of wine but several dozen bottles. I also gave away the clothing he left behind. I was a bit crazy then but it was only against him and his stuff. I do know multiple very crazy crazy folks that will never realize they crazy. Can we lock them all up on an island.....