March 4, 2013

Wine is the answer to ALL of life's problems

Yes, that is the conclusion I have come to.

So much has been happening since I moved. Some of it super great, others not so super great. Hence the WINE solution.

I am slowly making my new place a home. Just in the past week I have started to hang up pictures on the wall and have started decorating. I really felt like I needed to marinate in my space for a while, before each item found its resting place.

I am slowly replacing kitchen items that you just don't know you need until you go to use it and you remember........ oh yeah. I don't have that. Do you think I could remember any of this shit when I am at the store? Uh, no.

Doodle and Lil C are making their rooms in to their own. Both are excited to have a place in the house to call their own, not having to share with anyone. They have really adjusted well to the new house, which I am super happy about.

I have met a handful of neighbors, and they all seem to be quite pleasant. Its early yet, but I have high hopes.

I have enjoyed having my girlfriends over to hang out, watch movies, eat great food and drink a LOT of wine.

Being the thrifty/crafty/DIY shopper I am, I love hitting the Goodwill and Value Village. The rush when you find the perfect something you are looking for is better than crack (or so I assume, never having touched the stuff myself).

I am still overwhelmed by the readiness of my friends to help me with finding the things I need. I will get a call or a text out of the blue that says "I have or have found what you've been looking for". I can not even begin to express my thanks or gratitude for these gifts.

I am beginning to feel comfortable in my new surroundings, and that is such a great feeling! Pictures to come soon. Promise.

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