December 19, 2012

Weekend in Review

It was a jam packed weekend. To say the least.

Friday, after working all day, I packed up all the craft items my girl scout troop was going to need on Saturday. They were hosting a babysitting event to raise funds to go to London in 2014.

Let's see, what all do we need? Scissors, glue, paper, foam letters and Christmas cut-outs, a couple of Christmas stories, a portable DVD player, snacks, water, garbage bags and TONS of energy.

I spent the rest of the night lounging on the couch. Saturday morning arrives. I jet out, run a few errands (skipping Zumba since my stomach is acting up) and come home to get started on my cookies for the cookie exchange. Which is Sunday. I need 8 dozen. Better get to work!

2 batches of Peanut Butter/Chocolate Bark later, I get ready to load up the truck with all the crafting supplies my girls will need for the babysitting.

We all show up, but NOBODY else does. Our event was a flop. We will know what to do better for next time.

After I unload the truck, I get ready to go out. A friend of mine was having her 40th birthday party in a local dance club. Moxie and PB were also coming, as it was a guys and dolls party. We head out to the club, have a great time, and roll up to the house at 230am. Oi.

I wake up Sunday morning, ready to get started on all things cookies. Like I said I need 8 dozen, and thankfully, 2 batches of bark makes more than enough! I package them all up, get dressed, leave the house and help CHB set up at the location.

This was the year of our 10th Annual Cookie/Ornament Exchange. We had the most people ever who had RSVP'd, and we were going to be busting at the seams in the location we have reserved for the day.

1:30pm rolls around and it goes from 6 people, to 42 people in the space of 5 minutes!

We ate, we laughed, we exchanged ornaments and loaded up our cookie tins. All in all, another successful cookie exchange! I can not believe that we started as group of 6 ladies and have grown so much over the years!

 All the ornaments

These ladies know how to put out a good spread!

Cookies, cookies

And MORE cookies!

After the event was over, and all the tables and chairs were cleaned and packed up, the garbage all collected and everyone else was out the door, there were 6 of us left. Jgurl had brought us a treat.....

Pudding shots! Alcohol laced pudding shots! And oh man, did we deserve them!

What an absolutely fantastic way to end the cookie exchange!

I went home and literally collapsed on to the couch. I was exhausted. Did I mention that some jackass gave me a cold? And, with all I had planned for the weekend, I was fighting a cold on top of that? Ugh. Even though it was a jam packed weekend, I had a great time, and boy was I thankful I took Monday off! A day to rest and recover from my crazy weekend!

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