December 13, 2012

Ladies Night 2012, Christmas Edition

What do you get when you take 9 ladies, 50 jell-o shots, a hotel cart full of luggage and a night off from men and kids???

3rd annual Girlz Shopping weekend, that's what!

It was Saturday. We met close to the freeway at 9am. Overnight bag? Check. Cell phone and charger? Check. Credit card? Check, check, CHECK!

We hit the road and as we made our way to Downtown Seattle, we stop in the University district to do some shopping. (University of Washington for all you out of towners) We hit the UW bookstore and the DawgDen, home of all things UW Huskies.

We hit the freeway again and make it to our hotel by 11:30am. We check our bags, as our rooms are not ready. This is what 7 girls worth of stuff is for an over-nighter. Not bad right?

We head out shopping, after a few of these of course........

Now, before you get your panties in a wad, we were all WALKING to the shops. We were within 2 blocks of everything that downtown had to offer. And boy did we take advantage of it!

I have realized something. I HATE shopping at Nordstroms. Sorry folks. Just can't do it. I get anxiety everytime I see the price tags, not to mention that if I have to deal with anymore mindless, bottle platinum blonde twits, I could be spending the holidays in jail.

Don't get me wrong: the customer service they offer is FANTASTIC. No doubt about it. I just can't stomach the inside of another one of their stores. I told PB that I would rather shovel dog shit then go back in that store. EVER AGAIN.

Downtone Seattle is wonderful at the holidays! All the trees are lined with whote lights, there is a HUGE carousel in front of Macy's, there are carolers, and just this bustle around the stores. I think it makes the lines and the extra people milling around worth it.

Just as darkness was falling, I took a picture of the big tree in front of the mall.

7 hours, several shopping bags, a couple of pairs of sore feet, and 2 more girls later, we drop everything in to our rooms, grab some food and all dolled up to go out!

A couple of drinks, a scary 5 minute cab ride, and we finally hit a local night club, where we proceed to dance the night away!  

*Photos courtesy of Trinity*

 Had a seriously great time! It has been a while since we all got together and did this, and I am so glad we were able to this year! No hangovers, no throwing up, 9 women who got along for 2 days, and everyone came home with all their clothes? A success indeed!

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