November 28, 2012

Mustache Dache 2012

If you didn't already know, I ran a 5k 2 weeks ago. Yes, that's what I said. My first one EVAH.

CHB told me a couple of months ago that her oldest daughter, PIA, was going to participate in this, and did I want to as well? Uh, hells to the ya!

Mustach Dache? How could I not? Yeah, its all good that it supports mens health awareness month, referred to as Movember, but really? It involves a mustache. How could I say no?

I registered for the race, and mapped out a plan with PIA to start running. Now, 3.11 miles may not seem like a lot, but for someone like me, it might as well be 10 miles. I am NOT a runner.

I can do 60-90 minutes of Zumba, boot camp, and whatever else you through at me. As long as it didn't involve running I was good. About the 1 mile mark, I start to crap out. And forget it all together if there is a hill involved.

PIA has been in track and cross country for a year, and took me under her running wing to get my booty in shape for this run. She mapped out a course around Mtown for us to run, and over 6 weeks, we ran a couple of times a week together.

I was getting better and better. So, when race day came around, I knew I could do it.

Except, the Richard Marx concert was the night before. Bad timing all around. I got home at 1230am, fell in to bed with my alarm set for 630am the next morning. I got up at 630am. Went out to the couch, in an effort to wake up my tired bones. I turned the news on, sat down, and promptly fell back asleep. Waking up at 8:09am. Ugh.

I quickly ran to Doodle's room, woke her up, did the fastest change of clothes ever, grabbed my gear and we headed out the door. We stopped to pick up PIA and Buchwhacker and headed out to Seattle.
We got to the race, checked in and had our numbers pinned on with 10 minutes to spare. Whew! I was excited to see all the people there, in different mustache forms, as well as some outrageous costumes!

I pinned on my official number,

As did PIA,

 And we donned our running chips, to record our time as crossed the finish line.

Doodle snapped some pre-run photos. Now, I must explain my 'stache. CHB had purchased a set of awesome mustache's online. But, since I woke up late, I forgot mine. thank goodness PIA had brought an extra. the problem? I look like a female Hitler.......

Here we are goofing off before the run....

Look at this great shirt some dude made!

"Pretend" running...... Doodle wanted to capture us before we took off.

 AND........ away we go! It was body to body for the first mile of the run.

The "PartyBot" was there to cheer us on as we rounded the first corner.

40 some minutes later we crossed the finish line. This race for me was not about getting a "good" time, but about simply completing it.

PIA, post run glow!

Now, since Doodle and Buchwhacker were parked at the Finish line, they were able to capture some interesting costumes as participants came in. Here are just a few.........

But this guy? He takes the cake. Fo shizzle!

We caught PartyBot on our way out and got a photo, for posterity.

Doodle and her 'stache...... 

 Bushwhacker and his 'stache......

It was a lot of fun, and I will totally do it again! The run raised $5300 that day, which is a great start!

thank you to CHB for letting me know about this run, and a BIG thank you to PIA. She was a great coach and running partner!

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