October 18, 2011

Random Recap

I'm sick. Have been for 5 days now. Friday, when I left the office I went home and went directly to bed. Or tried to. Of course when I want to sleep, even for 30 minutes, everyone and their brother/mother/sister blows up my phone.

Saturday went dress shopping with my friend Debbi. She is getting married in December and I am her maid of honor. We were out and about looking for a dress for me on the cheap. Found one, finally, that fit over my boobs and was very friendly to the budget. Came home and crashed out on the couch.

Sunday, went to Doodle's soccer game. Doodle scored her first goal of the season........... unfortunately it was in the other team's goal. :(  Super awkward moment at the end of the game too. HeeHaw's parents came. I waited until the end of the game to go over and say hi. As I was leaving, I hugged both kids goodbye, and did the same for the ex in-laws. Super love that it makes HeeHaw mad that I have a good relationship with his folks but super hate that any interaction I have with them in front of HeeHaw is uncomfortable and awkward for them.

It chaps HeeHaw's ass that I have any kind of relationship with "his" friends and/or his family. Because since we are divorced there should be no reason that any of those people would want or like to talk to me...... ha. If he actually looked at most of the friendships he has, I cultivated most of them. I also covered up for his jackass behavior and saved a lot of those friendships. He should stick that in his pipe and smoke it.

Yesterday, went to the dentist. After some major anxiety in the chair, it went better than expected. It is still sore today but is a lot better than it was in the week prior.

Now if I could just get some damn sleep. Up hacking the last 5 nights, trouble sleeping the 5 night before that because of the damn tooth issue............ needless to say I'm cranky, tired, and just generally irritable. Awesome.

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