November 24, 2010

Marco? Polo?

It has been almost 30 days since I blogged and I feel like a heel. Sorry my peeps. Will do better from here forward.........

I have been a busy beaver that is for sure! Lil C and Doodle finished out their soccer seasons, I have been camping with my Girl Scout troop, I have driven all over for Girl Scout training, I have been sick, I have been making jam, AND I am re-learning how to drive in the snow! (We got 3 inches here, which is a l0t for us before Turkey Day).

I am looking forward to the holiday tomorrow........... although I have a million and 5 things to do to get ready, shock I know. I am hoping that PB will be able to put in an appearance so that all my friends can meet him. He does have 2, yes folks 2, family dinners to go to.

I am ready to eat, drink wine, laugh until it hurts, wash dishes with CHB, and relax with my people. Everything a good holiday dinner is made of. :)

Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you go.

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