July 1, 2010

Lil C, 13 today, a man tomorrow......

Last week I put Lil C on the train from Seattle to Salem. He was to be met over the state line by Grammie.....

Lil C was off on an adventure. For the first time in his life, he was not only going to ride the Amtrak train, he was going alone. I know this is not an unusual occurence, but for me? I was as nervous as a momma bear could be.

I suddenly understood how CHB felt when she put HOW and PIA on the airplane to Texas unaccompanied. Your heart clutches inside your chest. It is like you have given your heart arms and legs and it is not only walking around, but running, jumping and kicking for it's independance.

Of course in all the rush to get him to the train, I forgot the camera. As I nervously waived from the platform, and waited for the train to be out of sight, I of course had the run through of horrible accidents that could take place in the 240 miles between here and there.

I drove myself back home and waited anxiously for the call from my mom that Lil C had made it in one piece. When that call through at 6:33 pm I knew I could breathe again.

A week later, as I go to pick him up at the train station, having made the 240 mile round trip, I am just as nervous. As the train pulls in to the staion, I walk up to the doors, peeking around the other passengers hopping off the train, and then I spot him. My handsome son, approaching me....... and my heart swelled with relief.

Strange how he seems to have grown a foot since I saw him last, just a mere 10 days ago.

Here he is in front of the doors of the station:

The architechture of this old building is gorgeous...... If you are ever in downtown Seattle you should check it out.

And here is his wrist "brand" which let everyone and their brother know he was an unaccompanied minor on the train. Seems he was not the only one, not that he minded. Truth be told, he really liked riding the rails and would do it again!

I am happy to have him home. I am sure that Grammie is also happy to have her house back to it's normal quiet state!! Without her, this trip would not have been possible, and I know Lil C is very appreciative of all her efforts. I know I am. Love you mom. Seriously. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Crazy Mom of 2! said...

How awesome for C... I bet that made him feel all grown up! I used to take the train from Seattle to Salem all the time to visit a friend. That was one of the most fun things I did! Way to let go mom but I can't even imagine the feeling and I don't want to yet! My heart ached for you while reading that! Love you guys!!!

Saralee said...

How did he grow up so fast?? It's hard to believe that he will be 14 in a couple of weeks! Kind of blows my mind!

Love that boy to the depths of my heart! He is one in a million!

You've done a good job raising him . . . be proud!