July 30, 2010

Doodle turns 11

Her birthday was a month ago and I am just now getting around to sharing the pics with everyone! (Dont tell, but I don't have the thank you cards done either. I am sure Grandma P is horrified..........)

Doodle wanted to have a skating party and sleepover. We spent the morning cleaning house, shopping for all manner of supplies and getting ready.

What is not shown is the bag that had all the candy in it......... or the 4 pizzas, 3 orders of bread sticks and 4 2 liters of pop...... can you say sugar high?

We met up with all the kids at the roller rink. The girls had 3 hours to skate until they dropped. Here is some of the fun:

We headed back to my house, with some very sweaty and hungry girls. They ate, played some games, opened some gifts and giggled A LOT!

Being it was Doodle's big day, they concocted a plan to go and tee-pee the Vanderways. I can roll with that, so I loaded up the "borrowed" mini van (thank you CHB) and drove to the Dollar Tree for some tacky yard art, and whatever else they could come up with.

Back at the house, we did cake and ice cream:

Sweeter than any cake in the world is this girl:

What a gaggle of girls! They were a lot of fun to have over........

As we waited for it to get dark, the girls played games, watched movies and had a great time. 11:00pm rolled around and we headed out in our pajamas to create mass havoc:

We got home an hour later, tucked in with a movie and at 2:30am I yelled at the girls to be quiet! They slept until about 7:30am when I rolled out of bed, made pancakes and eggs and shoved them all out the door! All in all, a great party!

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