April 22, 2016

F*@% You Fridays

Welcome to a brand new segment: F*@% You Fridays! I think the title is self explanatory, no?

So let's dig in!

This week, A BIG FAT F*@% YOU to the youth of America.

You over-indulged, participation trophy recipients, entitled bunch of assholes. I am SICK and TIRED of listening to you whine and moan because you are "OFFENDED" or didn't get what you wanted, when you wanted.

This goes to all you 13-25 year olds out there. Who only think of themselves. Who want everything handed to them on a silver platter because they were fucking BORN. Work for a goal? Why? When mommy and daddy will pay for it because they "hurt my feelings". Ugh.

Perfect example: I went to back out of my parking spot, at my job. (You know, that place you go to work and if you do a good job they PAY you). Since my office is on a main road, I cross the sidewalk to back out of my spot.

Yesterday, like every other day, I started to back out. I saw a young gal (read: twat) crossing the street in the crosswalk. Not certain if she was coming my way or not, I opted to wait for her. She DID come my way, and like a responsible adult, I waited, made eye contact so she knew I had seen her, and didn't move until she had cleared the back of the car.

All of this sounds reasonable right? I had the drivers side window down as the car was kind of warm. As this KID comes around my car, she turns back over her should and says "You know you are blocking the sidewalk right?"

I lost my shit. I yelled at her "How else do you expect me to back out of my parking spot?" She kept mumbling and I was getting more worked up. I yelled out again that she was full of shit (classy right) and that this was "bullshit" and then sped away. I may or may not have given the bird to a teenager when I drove away.

I was truly shocked. I WAITED for this little GEM of a girl to cross the street instead of making her wait for ME. And she had the balls to say I was blocking the sidewalk? FUCK YOU. Until they invent flying cars I will continue to back out of my parking spot the way I always do. Maybe you should walk on the other side of the street because if I see you again? I not only wont wait for you? I will follow you home and talk with your parents. About what a NICE young lady they are raising.

You are messing with the wrong girl. I may not have been the most respectful teenager growing up but I certainly raised my kids to be that way. And if I heard of my kids acting like this to other people? I would beat them senseless.

Mic. Drop.

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