March 1, 2016

Now accepting applications...........

I realize I am about to loose some friends, readers (and possibly family members) over this post. But is that stopping me? Hell to the no!

When "The Don" first put his hat in the Presidential Ring I thought to myself "oh this ought to be good". I am going to get a few laughs out of this, as will the rest of America, and The Don will go away thinking of himself as a success.

Well folks, we are WAY past the entertainment value and The Don has over stayed his welcome in the political arena. I am not quite sure what happened to the fine people of the United States. I think everyone has left their common sense at the bottom of a glass, in some seedy bar on the outskirts of town.

How else can this over tan, pompous, comb-over sporting, blowhard jackass actually be considered as leader of the free world? Are we actually saying that his reign can be any better than those who came before him? Come on America. Get your shit together.

The pool of POTUS hopefuls can not be SO LOW that we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel with this asshole. I can not even begin to list all of the issues that I have with him........ there isn't enough room on this page.

I think John Oliver pretty much got everything here that I missed. Watch. And prepare to be as horrified as I am at the thought that Mr. Trump could actually win 3 states. 

So, I am just putting it out there now. I LOVE my country. And I am PROUD to be an American.

But IF Donald Trump, or even worse, Kanye West (shudder) become president of the United States? I am moving to Canada. Seriously. I am starting to take applications for a roommate. Since NiceGuy wont go with me.

Even my mom knows I would be better than The Don. She got me this button for Christmas.

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