October 13, 2015

Don't touch THAT box!

Gawd! It has been a while since we had a chance to chat friends. So pull a chair and a large glass of wine my friends. and I will tell you a story! 

NiceGuy and I were planning on moving in together (big step right?) closer to my January 31st 2016 lease renewal. Well, due to some interesting things happening with the management company at my townhome, that date got moved up. To Labor Day weekend. THIS YEAR

Oh boy. Let the mad rush to start packing and purging commence!  It is amazing to me how much shit (and I do mean shit) that I accumulated in 2 1/2 years. Where did it all come from? 

2 days before the big move, Doodle was helping me pack some stuff and she put this box on her head. And started dancing around. What a goof ball......... I am was doubled over I was laughing so hard! 

I finally get all packed (well mostly anyway) and moving day arrives. This was my last glass of wine on the porch of the townhouse..... 

 Moxie drives me down bright and early Saturday morning to the U-haul rental place.... which turns out to be a taxi company office in a SUPER run down part of town. 2 damn near homeless looking guys are standing by the front door, one with a cell phone attached to his ear and the other? Missing almost all of his front teeth. They usher me in to their "office" which reeks of stale cigarettes and musty furniture and I immediately turn around to make sure Moxie is right behind me. 
We get the truck (after the jackass with the cell phone glued to his ear tries to tell me how to back it up) (insert eye roll) and get back to my house to load it up. 

We manage to get everything in the rental truck (in one load) except the loose stuff that wasnt packed. Lil C and his friend were a great help to NiceGuy, Moxie and I. 

Now, for those of you that have helped me move before, you KNOW I am a nervous wreck. There are certain things I do NOT let ANYONE ELSE BUT ME move. Some of my most prized possessions. And I will yell at you if you touch them. And I will have at least ONE meltdown and I will want to curl up in a ball and cover my ears, rocking from side to side....... Sounds like a good time right? 

I texted this picture to my mom........ captioned "Keeping the important stuff safe". This vase is so cool, and one of the things I have long coveted. It belongs to my grandparents. Everywhere they traveled together, they got a match book/box. man if this vase could talk, I am sure it would have some great stories! 

Here is the WALL/MOUNTAIN of stuff I brought in, and set in the front living room, not to mention the crap that got dumped in the garage. 

This WALL is approximately 5 feet tall (so my height) and as you can see, NiceGuy and I had small rabbit trails to get to the bedroom and kitchen. 

Here it is after 2 weeks.........

3 weeks.......

And last week! 

Doodles room is done, well almost. We just found the comforter and sheets she wanted, so now we can paint her room. We are still on the hunt for  headboard that she likes but her room is fully functional as of now and she is happy to have her own space. 

The garage is 90% done, the kitchen and laundry room are done and the master bedroom is almost done. It has been A LOT of work, and NiceGuy has been SO patient with me. NOTHING is where it used to be in his house, and I am ever so grateful that he rolls with all the changes!

I am SO looking forward to the day that I come home from work, and I dont have a "project area" that I want to complete before I go to bed that night. I feel really at home, and am liking my new digs very much! 

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