April 17, 2015

Sin City is for ME!

3 weeks ago, NiceGuy, Moxie, Nappy Tabs and I hopped a plane and went to Sin City for 4 days of fun in the sun. And oh man, was it FUN!
Checking in at Bally's

Now, this was my FIRST time in Vegas (sad right?) and let me tell you what! Having NiceGuy as our built in tour guide (and a good looking one at that) was the way to go!
Here is what I took away from my visit to Sin City:

Anything goes in Vegas
The lights of the strip really are bright/fun/fantastic
You can take an open container ANYWHERE
Not one person looks at you funny when you order a beer (or cocktail) with your breakfast. At 10am.
People watching in Vegas is a MUST
You can get what you want, when you want, because the place never sleeps. Some people could get in to a LOT of trouble with that.
Everything costs more than you think....... but its worth it
It would be necessary to live there for a month to get to see everything that I want to see
IF I lived there for more than a year I think I might need a new liver.........
The people who bring kids to Vegas are stoopid

Here are some of my favorite photos from Vegas. Of course these are NOT the ones I shared on Facebook....... I have a filter. I just rarely use it.
Only in Fremont....... (He might kill me for posting this picture but I couldnt resist)

I am certain that the security at Ceasar's has seen worse than this.....

Dayum! Look at my hot date!
At the Mirage.......... (what else do you do when YOU see a golden mermaid?)

And the alcohol graveyard we left for the maid......... We tipped her well though.
Is it time to go back to Vegas yet?

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