October 22, 2014

Gender Roles.......... still alive and kicking up in here

A few weeks ago, NiceGuy bought a new bbq. The last one went tits up, and the end of the summer is a GREAT time to get a grill. Lower cost and all that jazz. He ended up with a Char Broil gas grill. Nice right?
Anywho, a couple of days after he got it, I was over at his house for dinner. I came straight from work, so I had a pretty dress on. After dinner, I supervised the grill assembly process, sitting very demurely on the couch, instruction manual in my lap.
There were no words or directives given in the manual. Just a series of pictures in the order the Char Broil folks would like you to put their grill together.
All was progressing smoothly, until I flipped to the page that showed the actual gas grill part being mounted on the stand. And I saw this:
I did a double take. And then I showed NiceGuy. Who didn't see anything wrong with it. UNTIL I pointed out the graphics. Do YOU see it?
Apparently this step in the assembly process may require more than one person. And, instead of WRITING in "Assistance may be required" or "2 person assembly", the good 'ole Char Broil company decided to put in a shaded  2 "man" graphic.
I was highly offended. I politely offer NiceGuy assistance in lifting the grill on to the stand (nice dress on and all). He politely declines. He says if I want to be of assistance, I can go next door, knock on the door, grab the neighbor "guy" and he can come and help if NiceGuy needs it.
Seriously? I knew he was kidding, however I was NOT. I grew up in an ALL female house. My mom put together a grill or two in her time, and wouldn't you know it? All by her little lonesome. No penis required. Moxie bought a grill a few years ago and put it together herself as well, and it works just fine. Shocking right?
Now, I am not a HUGE feminist. Oh hell. I just looked up the word. Damn you Merriam Webster. I stand corrected. I AM A FEMINIST. Fuck.


noun \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\
: organized activity in support of women's rights and interests
I do believe (at least for myself and what I teach my Doodle) that us ladies have to try to do something ourselves before playing the "damsel in distress". Those chicks that bat their eyes and swish their hips give us REAL girls a bad name.
As an independent, mostly self sufficient mother of two, (and a feminist apparently) I AM annoyed by this picture. What the hell is the Char Broil company thinking? Are men the only people that buy grills? Are men the only ones that can put them together?
Who was the GENIUS in marketing that came up with this brilliant idea? I happen to think it would be more cost effective to write out "Assistance may be required" then to completely shade in the two MEN stick figures.
Think about it. When you go to ANY public restroom, the signs on the doors for MEN and WOMEN are clearly labeled as such:
So when I saw what is clearly a gender preference in this manual, I got my panties in a complete wad. Now, I freely admit to having some double standards in the gender roles.
For example: I think if a guy asks you out on a first date, HE should pay. Do I bring enough money to make sure I cover the tab in case he cant? DUH! Who is the spider killer in my house?  I AM. Unless my Doodle calls screaming that she found a spider and I cant see it. Then I call in Lil C. I stand over in the corner wielding a shoe in case my assistance is required.
What I am having trouble getting behind is this clear statement from the Char Broil company. That it takes a penis to put together a grill. What the hell yo. It's 2014. Char Broil ought to have their shit together by now. I am sure they have more than ONE woman working for their company. Maybe in the great state of Georgia, where it appears the Char Broil company calls home, it might be inconceivable that the little lady could put together such a MASSIVE piece of equipment. Perhaps its a good thing I don't hail from the South.
Lets me say this: when I am in the market for a new bbq?  It WILL NOT be purchased from the Char Broil company. End rant. 

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