January 2, 2014

I am not even sure where the rest of November went, let alone December.
I had plans of posting pictures, regaling you with stories/trials/tribulations of Turkey Day. I had edited the photos, mapped out the posts in my head..........
And just couldn't put it down here. Oh well. Here is the briefest of recaps:
Turkey Day 2013: Lets see: shopped for a week for ingredients, chopped/prepped/dressed the night before and day of. Ate turkey and ham. Did not drink enough wine. Everyone went home. Ok good?
Middle of December: MM went back to Afghanistan. He will be back sometime in March, or so we think.
Christmas Day 2013: My mom and Grandma came up from Oregon to spend 4 days with me and the chitlins. It was awesome!!! I will post some pics of that soon.
NYE and day: Spent all of NYD sleeping off the headache that NYE caused me! LOL
Happy New Year everyone! May 2014 be WAY better than 2013.

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