July 22, 2013

Calling All Cowards

Its time for the latest installment of..... UBA Awards! This week's nominee?
Confused? Need the whole story? Ok. Let me start from the beginning.
About a month ago I upgraded to an iPhone. I know, I know. I am like the last person on the earth to do so. Of course I HAD to get all the newest apps, Instagram being NUMBER ONE on my list. It's my absolute NEW fave!
So, on the 4th of July, I posted this pic to my Instagram account:
I thought the flowers were gorgeous, and of course this is the ONLY day of the year I am going to wear THIS shirt, so why not?
Being new to Instagram, I don't always remember to check my account for activity. A week ago, I happened to have CHB and Moxie over for a glass of wine, and I see this as a comment on my picture:
suckapunched99 left a comment on your photo: Wow are you a pre op dude? Cause you are one ugly hobbitt looking broad!  
My initial reaction is like WTF? Who does that? And then I thought to myself, lets see where this goes. So as I think this: 
I respond with this:
@suckapunched99: Thank you SO much! I do appreciate my adoring public!
And then I resume my regular scheduled activities. In the back of my mind I am trying to figure out who it is, and why they chose this route to get at me. Whatever the motivation was, I figured that would be the end of it.
I was wrong. 
The next day, my "friend" predictably answered me with this:
suckapunched99: No problem cunt! You are most welcome ;)
Now you have to admit, the winking face is a cute touch right?
By this point I am just irritated. And ready to plaster this all over the car of suckapunched99

But I refrain. I choose to instead make a plea for all to see.
I am PUBLICLY calling you out suckapunched99. May you have the balls, the nerve, the backbone, to confront me with whatever your issues are, instead of hiding behind some fake Instagram account.
Obviously, you are thinking about me, if you are going to take the time, go through the trouble, and try your hand at finding sneaky ways to contact me.
Thank you, suckapunched99, for choosing to air your grievances for my children to see as well. I am sure that you ALSO deserve the Parent of the Year award, along with the UBA award you are receiving. I will let corporate know to amend your placard.
Guess what? If I had a problem with YOU, I would tell you to your face. So, I'm here. I'm listening, and I'm waiting. Clearly YOU have something to say to ME.
Name the time, the place, and I will be there. I have a damn good idea of who you are.
This is a coward FREE zone. Stay classy Mtown. 

**All images courtesy of Google Images**

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